about john

John is that rare individual who combines the perfectionist qualities of an engineer, the talents of a master craftsmen and the heart of an artist. He sees spaces between the various components of a structure and fills those spaces with whimsy, beauty and joy. Whether working from plans of an architect or from fluid conversations with the client, he can build a perfect, weather tight building for the ages. From a lifetime of experience, John nurtures personal relationships with his clients and often sees the detail in the structures described by them during initial conversations. From this vision, John helps create the perfectly realized space.

Who is John? He is:

• Both formally and self-educated, seeking knowledge everywhere.
• Successfully self-employed his entire adult life, working best when given the time and space to think versus following a rigid rulebook.
• Best partnered with clients that are informed, yet need his expertise and will put their trust in him.
• Operated a nationally recognized and honored restoration/ remodeling company for 38 years.
• Capable of relating equally well to a CEO or to the guy who sweeps the floors, understanding that when life becomes about the money, it’s not fun any more.
• Creative in any medium, needing to be in the world and of the world; productive..
• Understanding of wealth, while respecting a budget.
• Knowledgeable about materials — their capabilities and limits, mastering both technical, artistic, he also value engineers.
• Both dependable and a dreamer; responsible and a rebel.
• A firm believer that interdependence, not independence, is the goal.
• Most proud of his children.