John Deciantis

John is packed to travel anywhere to construct your fantasy.

“I grew up on 50 acres in Connecticut and that land bordered a thousand acres of state land. I had lots of woods to explore. I didn’t realize it at the time, of course, but I built my first folly in those woods when I was 12. I converted an old chicken coup into what I considered then as a “getaway space” for myself. Later, I converted an icehouse into an actual living space that had a second floor and a sleeping loft. It was a place where I went to dream and reenergize.” ~ John DeCiantis

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What is a Folly?

The dictionary defines “folly” as a foolish action, practice, idea; an absurdity. But in John DeCiantis’ world, a folly is a structure conceived, designed, and built firstly for the sheer fun of it, and secondly (maybe) to suit a purpose: garden shed, pool house, meditation room, studio, or guesthouse.

John’s extensive 35-year experience in the construction industry – coupled with a sense of the whimsical and a willingness to travel anywhere in the world – gives him the ideal perspective and freedom from which to see your folly, conceive it, design it, and bring it magically to life. From the big picture to small details, John is an interpreter of dreams.

“Follies stem from passion, obsession, and suspicion. They may also bring happiness, grief, and confusion. A folly is a state of mind, not an architectural style….

Context is not the language of folly. Follies are out of place and out of time. Introspective, extroverted, timid and bold. Each is a one-of-a-kind work of art forming no part of any chronological or stylistic family.” ~ Gwen Headley, author of Architectural Follies