John Deciantis

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    Specific Services

  • Accurate materials lists
  • Buildability analysis and review for design errors
  • Contracts and insurance requirements review
  • Cost analysis
  • Ecological awareness and alternative "green materials advice"
  • Environmental review
  • Expert witness
  • House and building surveys
  • Material specifications review
  • Minimize extras and eliminate unjustified extras
  • Ongoing site inspections to ensure specified materials are used and that work progresses in an orderly fashion and in a workmanlike manner
  • Oversee payment schedule
  • Permit review
  • Plan review
  • Project planning and needs analysis
  • Qualification review to assure consistent bidding potential of contractors and subcontractors
  • Troubleshooting
  • Written diary of work progress and key communications between home owner/builder and contract and subcontractors
  • Zoning analysis


“I recognize that there’s a need for harmony, balance, true understanding, and full disclosure in the realm of building and construction. I can provide it. I am a friend to my clients, to the land, and to the structure.” ~ John DeCiantis

JSD Consulting is a recognized and leading authority in the realm of quality, safe, and financially sound building practices. As such JSD Consulting collaborates with all members of the team – homeowners, contractors/sub-contractors, architects – to pull the dreams of clients into focus and develop a logical plan for execution.

    JSD Consulting:

  • Insures that property owners are treated equitably.
  • Helps property owners get the most for their money.
  • Prevents problems and mistakes related to liability, insurance problems, structural deficiencies, unexpected costs, financial crisis due to property owners’ lack of experience and knowledge.
  • Reduces stress and brings harmony to the worksite, both in the building process and between property owners and the labor force.
  • Fills a gap in the construction market so that property owners can operate effectively as their own general contractors.
  • Is an advocate and educator regarding quality building practices for both property owners and the labor force.
  • Serves as a liaison and sought after “stamp of approval” on quality products and business practices.
  • Aids in the preservation of historic architecture.