What about Apples:

Posted January 22nd, 2012 in General by John DeCiantis

Years ago we did a marketing piece about apples to apples. How does one compare contractors? Lets begin by realizing we all see, hear and communicate differently. Only 7% of people see in 3D. We all have varied language skills. Why not pick a contractor that listens and hears your ideas and dreams? And can put them on paper so you can see too? Or when pricing plans competitively- why not choose the professional that has detailed take offs and can explain his numbers rather than the one with the lowest price? Many of us get fooled by hearing what we want to hear rather than the often ‘shocking’ news a budget can deliver. Don’t get stuck with the wormy apple. Chew wisely!

Communication / Creativity

Posted January 20th, 2012 in Uncategorized by John DeCiantis

I am learning that as I develop my creative side that patience becomes a required ingredient. The life of a construction manager and motivator did not allow me to develop my patient being. I am learning, through the development of a new website and the restoration of a home in Mexico, huge amounts of patience. Along with that trait comes tolerance and understanding.

Expressing ones ideas clearly to a web developer or an abinille (Mexican Mason) so that they fully understand is not like a quick one-stop-shopping experience. Both processes take time, understanding and saying, maybe the same thing in different ways more than once. Delegation may be one of the hardest tasks of a creator.

Does the fabricator see the same concept as was explained? Can he that day, but maybe not the next? There are so many questions and variables to consider. As a homeowner- expressing your ideas to a contractor is imperative, possibly challenging; but definitely the source for a fun and fulfilling project.