Cooking and Contracting

Posted February 28th, 2012 in Uncategorized by John DeCiantis

I have been back in the US for a few days now and in that my prior 40-year world has been construction- I hear and talk construction. I hear that the market now is more competitive than 2-3 years ago. The buyers stack up the bidders for the best price/ deal. What do they, the buyers, hope to gain? Have we become a society of “best deals” over a culture that builds relationships, provides service and delivers quality? Do you go to Smith & Wollensky’s for a bargain steak? I bet not; and you wait patiently for the chef to prepare it to your liking. Why not ask the same of your contractor? I bet he can prepare and deliver your home dream with your trust, cooperation and realistic budget far better than being the lowest bidder; so that initially at least you believe you are getting that “great deal”. I was taught as a child- “you get what you pay for”. Is it worth a try?

Communication / Creativity

Posted January 20th, 2012 in Uncategorized by John DeCiantis

I am learning that as I develop my creative side that patience becomes a required ingredient. The life of a construction manager and motivator did not allow me to develop my patient being. I am learning, through the development of a new website and the restoration of a home in Mexico, huge amounts of patience. Along with that trait comes tolerance and understanding.

Expressing ones ideas clearly to a web developer or an abinille (Mexican Mason) so that they fully understand is not like a quick one-stop-shopping experience. Both processes take time, understanding and saying, maybe the same thing in different ways more than once. Delegation may be one of the hardest tasks of a creator.

Does the fabricator see the same concept as was explained? Can he that day, but maybe not the next? There are so many questions and variables to consider. As a homeowner- expressing your ideas to a contractor is imperative, possibly challenging; but definitely the source for a fun and fulfilling project.